Programme 2013-14

Lecture Programme

25th September 2013

A Medieval Masterpiece: Hotel Dieu at Beaune

What lay behind Nicolas Rolin’s creation of this medieval hospice? What was the purpose of the Rogier van der Weyden painting in the main ward and what can all this tell us about the medieval mind?

Speaker: Rt Revd Dr Christopher Herbert

30th October 2013

James Gillray, Father of British Political Satire

The greatest political cartoonist who ever lived? Gillray did not invent the art of caricature but made it a sophisticated and innovative aspect of the visual culture of his day.

Speaker: Linda Smith

27th November 2013

Great Photographs of the 20th. Century

The camera has given us some of the most vivid images of modern times. This lecture examines a series of brilliant photographs and explains what makes these images so special.

Speaker: Brian Stater

29th January 2014

Buckingham Palace: its History, Occupants and Contents

How it developed from house to Palace at the centre of British Court life, home to many art treasures from the Royal Collection.

Speaker: Oliver Everett

26th February 2014

Music in the Great Art Collections of Europe

With an eye to important paintings, musical instruments and pictures with musical content from some of the lesser known, but high quality, European galleries, Peter Medhurst illustrates his lecture with live music, sung and played at the piano.

Speaker: Peter Medhurst

26th March 2014

Giants of High-Tech Architecture

The work of Rogers, Foster and Grimshaw is known internationally and they have brought controversy, excitement and interest to architecture.

Speaker: Tim Bruce-Dick

30th April 2014

The Life and Times of Charles Dickens

We discover the tempestuous life of this great figure and explore the importance of “place” to him.

Speaker: Andrew Davies

28th May 2014

A Peep behind the Scenes: the Life and Times of Thomas Rowlandson

Thomas Rowlandson, once thought to be a potential President of the Royal Academy, was more attracted to life in London with its entertainment and vices – as his drawings will show.

Speaker: Frances Hughes

25th June 2014

The Glamour holiday – the Grand Era of Travel ‘20s and ‘30s

Once travel had been the preserve of the wealthy but with the advent of steam, hotels, and Thomas Cook, travel became an activity for the middle classes.

Speaker: Dr Claire Walsh

Events Programme

21st September 2013

The Purcell Club Musical Tour of Westminster Abbey.

23rd October 2013

Visit to Down House the home of Charles Darwin and Quebec House the boyhood home of General James Wolfe.

27th November 2013

Welcome drink for New Members after the lecture.

11th February 2014

Visit to newly refurbished Kenwood House, Hampstead.

12th March 2014

Annual Lunch at The Gatsby, Berkhamsted

3rd April 2014

Visit to Nuffield Place and Greys Court, Henley-on-Thames.

8th-12th May 2014

Residential Trip Historic Houses and Heritage of Suffolk.

10th June 2014

Visit to Deene Park, Northamptonshire.

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