Programme 2014-15

Lecture Programme 

24th September 2014 - Temples Tombs and Treasures in Search of the Queen of Sheba

Referred to in the Bible, Koran and Ethiopian history but who is she? Little is known of her image but she has inspired medieval Christian mystical works, as well as Dutch, English, Persian and Turkish artists.

Speaker: Louise Schofield

queen of sheba

29th October 2014 - Founders and Treasures of The Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection was brought together by five generations of the same family. The greatest collectors were the 4th Marquis of Hertford and his illegitimate son Sir Richard Wallace.

Speaker: Stephen Duffy

the laughing cavalie

26th November 2014 - The Christmas Story Through Paintings at The National Gallery

Nativity scenes have changed and developed over centuries in response to the spirit of the times giving insight into the philosophic, political and economic conditions of each era, but, do they follow set patterns?

Speaker: Caroline Macdonald-Haigh

the nativity

28th January 2015 - Leonardo da Vinci- Professor

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest anatomists ever. Many new concepts in anatomical artistic design were unique to Leonardo’s work and have developed into modern medical images.

Speaker: Peter Abrahams

leonardo da vinci

25th February 2015 - Captain James Cook and the Art of Exploration

The remarkable illustrations and paintings of people and places encountered by the artists and scientists who accompanied him on his three voyages, provides insight into Cook’s life and his inspirational expeditions.

Speaker: James Taylor

james cook

25th March 2015 - Tiffany’s

Speaker: Clare Phillips

Clare Phillips was born in Rochdale, Lancashire and educated at Birmingham University and the Royal College of Art in London, where she studied design history. She is a curator in the Department of Sculpture, Metalwork, Ceramics & Glass, with particular responsibilities for the jewellery collection. Her publications include Bejewelled by Tiffany (2006), Jewels and Jewellery (2000) and Jewellery (1996) along with contributions to a wide range of publications.

Clare will talk to us about American Glamour, 150 years of Tiffany and Co’s Jewellery

clare phillips

29th April 2015 - Lawrence of Arabia: Tortured Hero of Troubled Times

Real life hero and brilliant guerrilla commander of an “Arab Spring” against the Ottoman Empire or a self-promoting charlatan? One of the greatest and controversial 20th Century celebrities, his legacy and writings are all too relevant today

Speaker: Neil Faulkner

lawrence of arabia

27th May 2015 - Guerra! Guerra! Music the Arts and War 1800-2000

Poetry from the Iliad to Wilfred Owen, novels (War & Peace), painting (Goya, Picasso), sculpture and music (Aida, Nimrod) all have been stimulated by war. This lecture draws upon the messages embodied in these art forms and examines the links between art and war across Europe.

Speaker: Daniel Snowman

24th June 2015 - AGM - The Genius of Antonio Stradavari

The Genius of Antonio Stradavari

Stradivari violins and cellos are the most highly prized in the world but why have successive generations of violin makers failed to meet the challenge of producing instruments that equal them?
Tony Faber

Audio-Visual: Mr Mike Aylward

antonio stradivari


Events Programme 

8th October 2014 - Visit to Broughton Castle

6th November 2014 - Welcome drink for New Members after the lecture

January/ February 2015 - Visit & Date To Be Arranged

10th March 2015 - Annual Lunch at The Gatsby, Berkhamsted

14th April 2015 - Visit to Strawberry Hill

9th-14th May 2015 - Residential Trip - The Art & Palace sof Vienna & The Danube Valley

11th June 2015 - Visit Stonor Park

23rd September 2015 - Visit Frogmore House & Saville Gardens

Refunds will only be made if the place(s) can be re-sold.