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Bursary Activity for September 2018

As we approach the start of new ADFAS season, your Committee is very pleased to report that we have had an extremely successful year on the Young Arts front.

Within the last twelve months we have supported young artists in the Dacorum area with grants totalling £3,250. This sum has been generated by recovering the Gift Aid on our members’ subscriptions – something we are able to do as a result of being one of a minority of societies within The Arts Society orbit to be a Registered Charity.

Included in these figures are:

 * Three bursaries to successful A-level Arts students starting further study at College

 * Support for Art Departments at three local schools in the area

        > Potten End Primary School – Art materials

        > Tring School - Easels

        > John F Kennedy School, Hemel Hempstead – ongoing materials for the printing press ADFAS funded last year

 * Dumfries House Youth Training Scheme – Glasgow (following our annual residential visit earlier this year when we were impressed by their work)

 * Financial Support to the annual Dacorum Young Artists exhibition

We thought that you would like to see some of the art work carried out in school and outside by the beneficiaries of the three Bursaries provided by ADFAS this summer - Evie, Francesca and Joseph. 

These are the student's choices and their words.

Evie's work (JFK School)

Now looking forward to starting her course in Fine Arts after successfully completing her A-Levels at John F Kennedy School, here is material from Evie:-

Most of my work focuses on the human form, as it is the subject I find most interesting and relatable.   During my project in A-levels however, I wanted to look at the destruction of the human form within the project title of symbiosis - looking as parasitism closely, as I was extremely interested in looking at the subversion of standardised, controlled beauty.

From this I wanted to investigate teenage culture, most specifically the addictions of adult life that manifest in teenage-hood.   Using the work of photographers, designers and artists alike, I completed my project using many different artistic methods, such as paintings, drawings, graphic illustrations and collage, their variety mimicking the exact chaos of teenage culture and addiction that I so wanted to capture.

Furthering my artwork past my A levels, I hope to continue to play with different mediums and explore artistic processes that I have not yet discovered.

     1   EH 03      2   EH 07     

    3    EH 04       4  FD 06     

    5   EH 08     6  EH 09

         7    EH 06

 EH 10   EH 11   EH 12    

   8                                      9                                       10

         EH 13


          12     EH 15    Rauschenberg Response


Francesca's work (JFK School)

Another student from this year's A-Level Art candidates from John F Kennedy School, Francesca is off to study Graphic Arts at Southampton University and has kindly provided some of her work for ADFAS to display here.

Throughout my A Level course I focused on various themes including natural forms, violence and for my final project, I explored the notion of sections.

Within this, I explored childhood nostalgia through the symbolism of retro sweets and the distortion of these memories and feelings as an individual matures.  Along with this, I also looked at the impact of bee extinction upon human life - something that we don’t always think about and may take for granted.

For these projects, I decided to focus more on painting as this is something I have previously not been confident with and wanted to improve on, as well as elements of collage and mixed media. These techniques were inspired by many artists such as Tom Phillips and Sarah Graham. 
Recently I have started exploring digital art and graphic illustration, this is something that I hope to improve on at my time in university as well as continuing to experiment with both traditional and new methods.


       1  FD 01         2  FD 09

                           3   FD 03      

              4     FD 04

                                         5   FD 05        

              6   FD 07     7    FD 08 

                     8  FD 02

    9   FD 11 nude neeling small   10  FD 10 nude


                                11    FD 12a tree


Joseph's work (Tring School)

    JB 01 medium Image from the Pop-up exhibition kindly mounted by Tring School at the July ADFAS Evening talk



As part of the feedback the Committee received from those past and present members attending the ADFAS 50th Anniversary Party in March 8th 2017 at the Boxmoor Lodge Hotel, there was praise for both the short presentation by Nicola Collins, the impressive Head of Art and Design at J F Kennedy School in Hemel Hempstead, and for the display of some of their work. You will recall that we had used some of the funds provided through reclaiming Gift Aid on your membership fees to pay for a small printing press for this school.  

Photographs of the evening, including those of Nicola and the work produced by her pupils, are in the earlier announcement on this website. 

Here are her words from that evening.

Good evening everyone.

First of all I would like to thank you all for inviting me to help celebrate your 50th anniversary celebrations. I hope you are all having a lovely evening. I am honoured to be up here speaking to you all tonight about how ADFAS has been generously supporting the creative development of our students at John F Kennedy School.

When I took on the role as head of art and design almost three years ago, one of my primary goals was to extend the curriculum opportunities for our students to include both sculptural and printmaking media. The sculptural aspect was pretty straight forward. Collect a ton of recycled materials, throw in a bit of artistic inspiration and away you go. Within a year our students were exhibiting, not only some lovely drawings and paintings at our annual show, but also a gigantic polar bear with wings, a seven foot fridge sculpture and an artful armchair made out chicken wire and an old car door. Kids are nothing if not resourceful!

The challenge we faced was how to introduce professional standard printmaking into the art curriculum at a time when all state school budgets are being squeezed across the country and many school are having to cut creative subjects out of the curriculum entirely, because of the running costs they incur.

This is where your ADFAS group came to the rescue. With your generous donation, we have been able to invest in a professional standard printing press and supporting equipment to be able offer our students the experience of creating work with this versatile art form.

Just to clarify, a printmaking press is not the same machine you have at home that’s attached to your computer. A fine art printing press ranges from £500 to £10,000 in price, is monumentally heavy and, if kept in good nick, can work for several hundred years. Hopefully, I won’t be teaching as long as our press lasts, before the government say I can qualify for my pension!

Specifically, we have acquired an etching press. It consists of two hard rollers that are in contact with a flat hard bed. These rollers are pushed toward one another, squeezing the bed between them. One of the rollers is turned by a hand crank, which propels the bed from one end to the other. The pressure is used to push dampened paper into the recesses of the etched plate. The paper pulls the ink out of the recesses, and voilá, a print is born.

The different printmaking methods we can now introduce to our students with this press include drypoint etching, collographs, monoprinting, lino cut and wood cut.    Examples of these along with some of the students' own work is at the back of the room, if you would like to have a look.

The benefits of teaching printmaking at secondary level are huge. It is an intellectual and manual process that is hugely engaging, physically hard work and at times, extremely messy. The immediacy and range of results that can be created in just a few hours appeals to students of all abilities. The secret of teaching intaglio seems to consist of a minimum of explanation on the part of the teacher and a maximum of experimentation and discovery on the part of the student. Students often discover ways of working that the teacher has completely overlooked. The potential for artistic discovery with this new printing press is extremely exciting and we are hugely grateful for your support.



As part of our ADFAS remit of supporting Young Arts locally, our association was delighted to have the opportunity to fully finance the purchase of a Polymetaal Printing Press and the necessary accompanying materials – pens and dyes etc. for the Art Department at the John F Kennedy Catholic Secondary School in Hemel Hempstead.   This equipment was delivered to the school early in the Summer term of 2016.

Several members of our committee very much enjoyed the visit we made to this thriving and exciting Art Department.   We were initially welcomed by the Deputy Head of JFK, and later introduced to several senior students and their inspirational Head of Art, Nicola Collins.  

We were very impressed by the varied and innovative work displayed, the high standards achieved and the infectious enthusiasm of the pupils we saw and met.

The Press, once installed, will be used at first, to teach the students dry point etching and develop skills in intaglio printing. This process will gradually be embedded into the art curriculum of the school and also enable students to explore and enjoy the use of a new medium.

For the future, the possibilities are endless.   We will keep closely in touch with the school and look forward to further visits.

It is planned for a presentation of the initial work that is generated to be shown at one of our meetings.


Text from an article in the two local editions of the Gazette newspaper in March 2016.

Treasurer's note:   All the funds to support projects such as this come at no cost to the group, since we have used the reclaimed Gift Aid money received from HMRC to support Young Arts in this way.

Young Arts Co-ordinator note:  ADFAS are always on the lookout for good projects of all sorts in the Young Arts arena.

 Chairman Valerie Cheque handover to JFK

This photo shows our Chairman Valerie Gunn presenting our Printing Press cheque to Nicola Collins, Head of Art at J F Keneddy School together with Pam Langdon-Pratt, our Young Arts Co-ordinator with two of the Sixth Form Art pupils who will be benefiting from this new facility. 


The location is the JFK art display area with some of the work done in the last year on show.



Each year our Society uses the Gift Aid from members' subscriptions to support local young people in developing their skills in the Arts scene.

This year, we made five awards, and we were delighted that all five young recipients were able to come to our AGM in June to receive their cheques from our Chairman, Chris Roythorne.

These were:-

  • Luke O'Sullivan, from John F Kennedy School - towards a specialist laptop for study of Animation Arts at University
  • Joanna Toms, from Hemel Hempstead School - towards specialist tuition and books
  • George Callcut, from Kings Langley School - to go to a Performing Arts Summer school.  George wants to study drama at University
  • Ellen Price, from Tring School - towards an Art focused summer Internship.  She plans to study Art with Spanish at University
  • Bethany Masters, from Tring School - to go to a 'Sketchbook into Print' course plus books.   Bethany intends to study Graphic Design 

These youngsters each took away their share of our 2015 bursary allocation of £2,400.

We hope that they will be able to come along to ADFAS later in the year to let us know how they are getting on!

Beatrice Limbert

beatrice limbertBeatrice Limbert with her teacher, the Head of Art at Ashlyns School and the then Chairman of ADFAS 2007 to 2010, Pamela Quin.

The Society gave Beatrice £200 towards a weeks summer school at the Slade School of Art, The course was called "On Looking".

She came and gave a presentation at the October meeting giving an excellent over view of her week and showing us some stunning pieces of work which she had produced.

Beatrice gained superb A – level results and was awarded 100% in Art. She has gained a place at the prestigious Courtauld Institute in London to read the History of Art.

ADFAS members who went on the day's outing to The Queen's Gallery in February 2016 were delighted to be greeted by Beatrice who was assisting at the exhibition.

Astley Cooper School

This is the preliminary art work from the sixth form Art students at Astley Cooper School, the 11 to 18 school in Hemel Hempstead, in response to the themes of 'Sense of Place' and 'Landscapes'.

In October the students were preparing for their final examination project.

ADFAS is helping the school with money for canvases and/or specialist painting materials.

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Yewtree School

Yewtree Primary School in Hemel Hempstead has recently created a new quiet area for the pupils out of an old inner courtyard.

A young sculptor helped the children to design and make art work in clay to add to the new flowerbeds.

This quiet area is now in full use and has been greatly appreciated by the pupils.

ADFAS is making a donation towards the materials and the support from the professional sculptor.

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Potten End School

Below are 2 photos of the cross made by the pupils at Potten End School.

It is a replica of the cross in Potten End Church and is proudly displayed in the school hall.

ADFAS gave the school a donation towards the cost of the materials as part of the Young Arts initiative.

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Swan Youth Centre

ADFAS sponsored an art project at the Swan Youth Centre in Berkhamsted. Below are two photos of their courtyard.

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